Chicago Charter Bus Rental

Renting a Chicago charter bus is the way to go, no matter the extent of your transportation needs. Our drivers and coach buses are well-equipped to handle your group, whether you are attending a corporate event and need shuttling services, you are arriving at O’Hare airport and need picked up in a bus or you just need transportation around the Chicago for a large group.

We can provide bus shuttle services to and from conventions

A charter bus rental is perfect for your large group as a cost effective alternative to driving several cars. We offer service to conventions, airports, and trade shows around Chicago. Many of our customers hire us to cater to their personal, and company events. Our services also extend to shuttle rides back and forth from hotels, restaurants and exhibitions.  Our fleet includes buses that are 35 passenger bus, a 47 passenger bus, and a 56 passenger bus. They are equipped with televisions and DVD players to entertain you. Each bus also houses a clean restroom for the convenience of each of our riders. Our buses are comfortable, allowing you to have a relaxing ride whether you are traveling across town or just a few miles down the road.The safety of our buses and drivers is extremely important to us.

We are a professional solution to your bus rental needs

We understand that you want to ride in a fully-insured bus with a safe driver. We can give you that.Each of our drivers is professional and courteous, ready to drive your group to your destination safely and in a timely manner. Our drivers know Chicago and understand the streets as good as the most experienced local. Not only do we understand the streets, but we understand the local traffic patterns. We can work around them to ensure that you arrive at your destination on time.As a premier Chicago charter bus company, we aim to serve you. It is so difficult to travel in cars with large groups of people. Somebody is bound to end up lost! You should not overlook the ease and convenience of hiring a professional bus driver to show you the sights and sounds of the city. You will not regret the feeling of being able to sit back and enjoy the ride.